Complete information regarding management of needlestick injuries (click)
Last updated April 2017 

Urgent clinical questions should be directed to the ID Fellow on-call - UCLA pager 89321. 

STAT blood-based HIV Rapid testing can be performed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week at the WLA campus only.  Verbal consent must be obtained from the patient or surrogate. Test results are available 2–3 hours after the laboratory receives the blood specimen. This test is only orderable through CPRS order screens for Infectious Diseases, Employee Health and the Emergency Department. This test should be ordered only in the source patient of a blood/body fluid exposure.

Step 1: Immediate Procedures

  • Clean wound with soap and water
  • Flush mucous membranes with water/saline
  • Other wound care as dictated by injury or accident
  • Serious injuries (e.g., lacerations) should be evaluated immediately in the ED

Step 2: Are you in need of treatment?

  • During regular work hours, employees should report to Employee Health in Building 304
  • After hours, employees should be evaluated in the ED