Antimicrobial approval pager and new ID pharmacist

GLA now (again) has a dedicated antibiotic approval pager:

VA pager 73022

Two ways to access:

1.       From VA phone: *11, then 73022, enter in callback number

2.       Via internet text message: (TEXT MESSAGE MUST INCLUDE CALLBACK NUMBER)

All requests for restricted antimicrobial use will be reviewed/approved Monday through Friday 8AM-4:30PM, either by our new ID pharmacist Phuong Nguyen or an ID fellow on an antimicrobial stewardship rotation.  In addition to having Phuong as an ID pharmacotherapy resource, please also consult the VA-GLA Infectious Diseases website ( for clinical guidance on the use of antimicrobials and other valuable ID-related resources.

Other notes:

§  Antimicrobials at GLA are classified as unrestricted, restricted by guideline or always require approval. As such, many restricted antimicrobials are available without prior approval for use in accordance with GLA ID guidelines to treat specified infections.

§  During nights and weekends, pharmacy can release restricted antimicrobials pending ID approval (obtain via consult pager UCLA 89321). For continued therapy, such approval must be received by 11 AM on the next day.

§  Can still send e-consults for less urgent approvals, particularly after-hours and on weekends.

Link to VA-GLA Infectious Diseases Site:

ID Pharmacy Contact:

Phuong Nguyen, PharmD

Ext. 47057

Pager Number: 73022